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Dealing with Psychic Vampires

The Psychic Vampire

While avoiding dangerous situations in the physical world is not always possible, some basic precautions can be taken. Security systems are often installed in high-crime areas, people tend to travel in groups at certain times of the night, and so forth. On the other hand, the dangers awaiting in the astral or "magic" realms require some other alternative precautions, some of which are not always available.
  According to scholars, such techniques belong to the "magic" world and do not have any more of a meaning than the one psychology may give, since they do apply in the realm of beliefs, and as such, their validity affects as long as the practitioner believes in them. In addition to that, some practitioners regard such practice as scientific knowledge, and classify it as occult science.
  The first way to protect from a psychic vampire is to perform a ritual of purification. After the purification ritual, a banishment ritual must be performed. At this point, a symbol shall be selected. It may be a circle, a pentagram or any other geometric figure with which the victim feels safe. The victim shall visualize mentally such figure with the "mind's eye". Once this second rite is performed, a third rite is needed to break the ties that the vampire may have established.
   Once such rituals are performed, the victim of the psychic vampire shall be liberated and protected against future attacks.

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