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Bram Stoker

         Dracula is one of the most well-known novels of all time. Even if Stoker did not the first vampire story in literature, he did write the most famous one. Certainly, Stoker did research on Transylvania and provided his novel with a vast sense of realism. He did so by giving account of real places and quite accurate descriptions of places, names or customs. He kept an updated track of trains, timetables and means of transportation. He also took inspiration in Whitby, a place where Stoker did have holidays. Finally, the place itself was included in the novel. Even today, such places still remain and are often visited by Dracula enthusiasts.
         Stoker used several books for research and got very well acquainted with traditions, places and customary elements of the Transylvanian peoples. The Land Beyond the Forest, by Emily Gerard was certainly one book he used, published in the late 1880s.
         Dracula was an extremely significant novel which, after a relatively slow start, captured he public imagination and provided the template vampire horror scene ever since. Nowadays scholars consider it a classical work but it was merely conceived to be a great adventure story at the time. There were some Victorian critics who recognized its seminal iconic status and compared it to Shelley's Frankenstein. Oscar Wilde stated that it was the best novel of all time.

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